Police officer dragged down road as car makes getaway

A man is facing attempted murder charges for dragging a police officer 100 yards down the road while trying to get away from a traffic stop.

Video shows the suspect initially cooperating after being stopped for his illegally tinted windows, but the mood changes when the Florida sheriff’s deputy apparently smells marijuana.

The officer draws his gun when Rocky Rudolph Jr, 38, repeatedly refuses to turn off his engine and put his hands up.

He appears to grab at the weapon before speeding away with Deputy Aaron Blais still hanging on to the window.

Police said the officer – from Seminole County Sheriff’s Office – was dragged twice along the road at 40-50mph.

Deputy Blais managed to fire into Rudolph’s car and hit him in the leg. Local media said the suspect escaped but was later arrested.

The officer was taken to hospital but later discharged.

Source: SKY NEWS

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