The only one in the Balkans: "Inchrom" is the only one to be manufactured? containers for multipurpose missile launchers

Cacak – Inhrom company from Cacak specializes in the production of containers, or launch tubes for multiple rocket launchers.

Source: RINA



Today, with ten years of experience in the field, they are the only Balkan manufacturer of this complicated military equipment component.

At the recently concluded Armed Forces Trade Fair and Military Equipment Partner 2019 in Belgrade were presented Morava, Tamnava and improved Oganj systems, which contain containers from Cacak.

"Morava" is one of the most modern systems in terms of automation. A very small number of people are involved in handling this system, it has eight processors in it, it has an automatic GPS-based targeting, while in the event of GPS disconnection it goes through an INS, an inertial navigation system. This is the work of the knowledge of our people, experts from the Military Technical Institute and our subcontractors, "Dragisa Dželebdzic, founder and owner of Inhroma, told RINU.

This multipurpose rocket launcher, with two containers of 12 pipes, with a range of grains from 8 to 40 kilometers, is the perfection of our present-day Army, both in terms of automation and in terms of quick effect, because the conditions of war have changed considerably.

"Now you have only two minutes until the radar locates you, and in the meantime, a dron is armed in the air, so you have to fire the entire kit for 90 seconds and move away from there. There is no more comfortable warfare, to charge the system in the background and go to the fire line. Now, according to the system, it went down and running – for the simple reason that they are all very well equipped with those means that are all over us overhead and armed at all times. That is the point of the story of the Morava system and there is not a need for big ones. the number of soldiers around serving the system, "Djelebdzic said.

He points out that complete engineering for the Morava system was done by VTI in cooperation with our company Kol-15, which is a proven designer of the launch pipes and piping devices.

"This is the first domestic system made with our know-how, our equipment and technology. Earlier this was done with the purchase of equipment, technology and materials in the west, and this is the first domestic pipe made in our Serbia where our people made the pipe construction, and we made it so that we are not at all dependent on Western components in terms of equipment and knowledge, only partly by material, but not in a large percentage. This is a unique product, no one in the Balkans operates such pipes. This is the so-called light tube, 30 percent lighter than before until the breakup of Yugoslavia produced in Travnik ".

Inhrom operates a container for Moravia, Oganj, Plamen and Grad, and our Alas system, which is still in the testing phase, and began to produce a 107 millimeter chip launcher in China.

Dželebdzic founded his family company in 1990 under the name Termoelektrik, and today Inhrom has 13 employees. There are currently 42 companies active in the production of weapons and military equipment in Serbia, from large factories with thousands of employees to companies such as Inhrom.

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