Guys, get the notes: If this is not love, what is it?

The knight on a white horse saved her artificial eyelashes.

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Illustration: depositphotos / Subbotina

Illustration: depositphotos / Subbotina

This man was proclaimed a hero because he saved the fake eyelashes of his girlfriend who had forgotten to take them off before bedtime.

Guys, get ready to grab notes, this is certainly the best way to win her heart.

A caring young man took off false eyelashes from his drunken girl who, after going out, slept. After removing the eyelashes from her, he put them on a piece of paper and even marked which eyelash was left and the right one.

When his girlfriend woke up, she was surprised by the surprise she had shared with her companions on Twitter.

On their Twitter account, they posted a picture of eyelashes hanging on a kitchen napkin and above them were the letters "L" (left) and "R" (right), the girl added with the picture: "I was drunk and I removed eyelashes my boy picked them up and put them on a piece of paper, and even labeled who goes to which eye. "

Twitter soon became viral and many left comments like, "Where can I find this guy?"; "Hurry to marry him" …

Unfortunately, not all comments were positive, there were followers who were not thrilled: "Artificial eyelashes are like socks, which means they do not have left and right."

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