Huk: War with Iran is not needed, and we respond to the attack by force

US envoy for Iran Brian Huck said that the United States does not want a conflict with Iran, but that in any case they want to build an international defense in the region.

Source: Tanjug

Photo: Depositphotos / inBrackets

Photo: Depositphotos / inBrackets

Huk told AP that the war with Iran was "not necessary," that the US does not seek any conflict in the region, but that if attacked, "they will respond with military force".

He stressed that the US is seeking to gain support for the international naval forces in the Persian Gulf, primarily to protect oil tankers.

The US envoy has estimated that Iran is still at least a year away from building nuclear weapons and did not want to comment on whether Iran exceeded the limit of 300 kilograms of low-enriched uranium stock that Tehran had threatened to do to date.

Huk, who is to meet with EU diplomats in the EU countries on Friday for a nuclear deal with Iran that wants to keep it in force, appealed to European allies of the United States to impose sanctions on the country, the AP said.

With the agreement signed in January with Iran by six major powers, the United States, Russia, China, Great Britain, France and Germany, Tehran has committed itself to limiting the activities to enrich uranium, and in return promised to abolish international sanctions.

The United States unilaterally exited the agreement and imposed additional sanctions on Iran.

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