The British are afraid: Bregzit "kills" the auto industry – daily loss of 70 million pounds?

London – The British auto industry has urged Britain's future prime minister to ensure that the country's EU entry does not affect trade with the EU.

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photo: Depositphotos, Aquir014b

photo: Depositphotos, Aquir014b

Otherwise, in the case of Bregzita without the agreement of the two sides, they warn, there would be introduction of a bill worth billions of pounds and border disruption that would cause great damage to the British automobile industry, reports Reuters.

Director of the British Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association (SMMT) Mike Hows says the consequences of Bregzita are already felt.

"We already see the consequences of uncertainty, the fear that there will be no agreement. The first job of the new prime minister must be to secure an agreement that will save the trade without any hardship, because for our industry, Bregzit without an agreement is not an option that we can afford," he said. Hovs.

Speaking to business leaders and politicians at an annual London conference, he added: "Cars are important for the UK's trade and economy, and this report shows that, if the right choices are made, a bright future is possible."

The British automobile industry is afraid that in the event of an inadequate British entry from the EU, its largest export market, it will come to the introduction of tariffs up to 10 percent on finished models, as well as to a standstill at the borders. Delays in production, caused by trade restrictions, would cost an additional £ 50,000 per minute, which is a total of £ 70 million a day, estimates SMMT. Candidates for the new prime minister, Boris Johnson and his rival, Jeremy Hunt, have said that Britain's withdrawal from the EU is possible without an agreement, although this is not the option they prefer.

In April, the British automotive sector fell by 44.5% compared to the same period of 2017, as a result of the numerous closures of factories that coincided with the original date of Britain's departure from the EU. SMMT warns that, without the contribution of the automotive industry, which amounts to 18.6 billion pounds a year, the United Kingdom will fall to the 14th place of the list of the world's largest exporters of goods

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