Neymar accepted a small salary in Barcelona, waiting for PS?

Paris Saint-Germain's best player Brazilian Neymar has agreed to return to Barcelona and sign five-year co-operation, according to Catalan Sport.

Source: B92, Tanjug

Photo by Clive Rose / Getty Images

Photo by Clive Rose / Getty Images

Neymar has a great desire to return to the Nou Camp, from where he moved to Paris two years ago and, therefore, without hesitation, accepted a salary of 24 million euros a year, almost 13 million less than he receives in PSŽ.

However, the Brazilian player did not even want to negotiate a lot with Barcelona about receiving because he wants to get rid of the transfer quickly, and now only the clubs agree on compensation.

Neymar was exclusively serving sports motives, not economic, and that's why his priority was Barcelona.

He also mentioned Real Madrid, but the royal club for the 27-year-old was Plan B in case the Catalan club gave up.

Neymar, two years ago, in a not-so-friendly tone, grew up with Barcelona and moved to PSG for a record 222 million euros, making a complete sweep of the market and increasing the prices of all transfers.

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