His life still intrigues the public: 10 years since the death of the king of pop

The famous music star and king of pop Michael Jackson, died today for exactly ten years.

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Photo: Getty / Carlo Allegri

Photo: Getty / Carlo Allegri

Michael Jackson, 50, died on June 25, 2009 after taking too much of a "propofol" that he must not have with himself.

Even a decade after his death, the public does not cease to intrigue his life, which in addition to music was filled with constant accusations that the singer sexually harassed children.

There is still talk about what Michael Jackson was like, why he wanted to bleed his skin and what was happening in his famous Nedodjija.

Photo: Getty / Phil Walter

Photo: Getty / Phil Walter

A large number of fans today will mark the tenth anniversary of the death of the singer walking Hollywood and visiting his star at the Celebrity Boulevard.

Those who can not come, have given money for the flowers to be laid on the Michael's grave.

Although these days, the pedophilia story has been re-updated, for which the singer has been charged several times, the fanaticality of fans of the pop pops can not shade such a story.

Photo: Getty / MJ Kim

Photo: Getty / MJ Kim

Many fans are aware of the existence of these accusations, but their diminished Jackson overcomes everything else.

"I came only for him," said Humen Nazemi, one of the fans on the Celebrity Boulevard, "I'm not taking photos with any other star."

"The allegations made in the documentary are difficult, but you can not be sure that one hundred percent are true, I just love him," he said.

Photo: Getty / Pool

Photo: Getty / Pool

Hollywood celebrities are still attracted by crowds of eager self-catering tourists, while nearby souvenir shops, tattoo shops and street imitators continue to earn good profits on selling things that have to do with the character and part of this singer.

Anthony Beins, a 31-year-old Jackson importer who performs a "moonwalk" along Hollywood Boulevard for tourists, claims that his income has not diminished at all, on the contrary.

"After broadcasting the HBO documentary, they are approaching me more and more like I got publicity," he says.

In the documentary, two men claim that Jackson as a boy has been abused for years.

Otherwise, these are not the first charges on the Jackson account, but they are re-updated.

Mike Jackson died at the age of 50 after drug overdose. During his lifetime, the singer denied all charges of pedophilia, and his successors sued "HBO" and asked for $ 100 million in damages.

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