Here’s how others can join Chile, Colombia in Copa quarters

BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil (AP) — Only defending champion Chile and Colombia have qualified for the Copa America knockout stage after two rounds of group matches.

The third and last round starts on Saturday.

The top two in each group and the two best third-place finishers advance to the quarterfinals.

Here is the situation before the round begins:


Brazil and Peru have four points each, but the host leads on tiebreakers. They face off in Sao Paulo, with the winner to advance in first position. If they draw, Venezuela could top the group if it beats Bolivia by four goals or more in Belo Horizonte.

If Venezuela draws, it will finish third and need to wait for other results to know its future.

Bolivia has remote possibilities of advancing. It will need to hammer Venezuela to make up for the six goals it has conceded so far.


With Colombia through as group winner, the focus is on Argentina in last position with one point.

To finish second, Lionel Messi’s team will need to beat Qatar in Porto Alegre on Sunday and hope Paraguay, with two points, doesn’t win against Colombia in Salvador. If Paraguay wins, Argentina will finish third.

In that case, Argentina will hope Brazil beats Peru by more than two goals and that Japan doesn’t beat Ecuador on Monday in Belo Horizonte in Group C.

If Argentina draws the Asian champion, it will cheer for Colombia to beat Paraguay by more than two goals, and that Japan and Ecuador draw as well.


Chile, already qualified to the next stage with six points, and Uruguay, with four points, will play on Monday in Rio de Janeiro for top place in the group.

Japan and Ecuador face off later and need to win to advance as one of the best third-place sides. To finish second, Japan needs to beat Ecuador and hope for Uruguay to lose.

Ecuador can also go through if it scores its first three points against Japan, and Bolivia doesn’t beat Venezuela and Argentina draws with Qatar.

Source: FOX Sport

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