Basha: Rama has to leave. We do not move a step back

Tirana – According to the leaders of the opposition Albanian Democratic Party, Ljuljzim Basha, the only way out of the current crisis is Rama's resignation.

Source: Tanjug

EPA-EFE / Malton Dibra

EPA-EFE / Malton Dibra

Ljuljzim Basa said that the political solution to the crisis in the country will not be until those who have violated the electoral process "are not behind bars," reiterating that Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama "must leave."

At last night's protest of the Albanian opposition in Tirana, Basha said that "if the local elections are held on June 30th, it will be Edi Rama's political burial."

"There are no elections without opposition and they will never be," Basha said, and the Macedonian portal a1on.

"Make Rama well aware that we will not move a step back." The Civic Alliance is on its feet. The battle of democracy against the (narco) state is fought in every city and village, "he said.

According to the organizers' estimates, 120,000 citizens from all parts of Albania participated in protests last night in Tirana, according to the portal a1on.

The protesters, as it is added, have set up an improvised statue of Edi Rama, such as the one from the time of the communist leader of Albania, Enver Hoxha.

While the opposition protested in Tirana, Rama went to the city of Butrnti with a helicopter where she attended the concert of singer Karla Brune, the wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, adding a1on.

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