At least seven people were killed in Cambodia, it is afraid that there are still trapped under the ruins of

Cambodia ap Photo: Tanjug / AP

Seven people were killed when a building collapsed in Cambodia collapsed, officials said, and rescuers are trying to get to dozens of workers who remained under the ruins.

In the fall of the building on seven floors, 22 people were injured. Oar Sareun, spokesman for the provincial government Preah Sihanuk, said more than 30 people were missing.

The incident occurred in Sihanoukville, west of the capital, Phnom Penh.

– She pulled out the steel structure and did not dare move her. We can only wait and listen if there are signs of life – said Sareun Reuters.

He said he was afraid that the construction would continue to fall and collapse, which would significantly worsen the situation.

For now, the cause of the accident is unknown.

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