WHAT IF REALLY GO TO WAR? If America attacks Iran, the whole world could endure perverse consequences

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Donald Tramp, however, did not make any profit with Iran after he changed his mind and canceled the attack in the last moments. If the attack had taken place, it was a big question in which direction the conflict would run.

It is true that the United States is far superior to the Middle Eastern rivals, but Iran would not easily surrender. Moreover, he also has a certain ace in his sleeve.

Tensions between Iran and the United States have moved closer to the point of no return, after the US dron has fallen, for which US officials claim that he was not in Iran's airspace, but international, after which the US president ordered the attack.

The United States is one of the largest military forces and an attack on Iran, whose military forces are considered the most powerful in the Middle East, would be devastating. For example, the US has 13,398 military aircraft, and Iran has only 509 aircraft, and the ratio of tanks and armored vehicles is 48,422 to 3,979 in favor of America. Furthermore, overall, America has much more modern technology and military equipment, as well as twice more active soldiers.

However, the geopolitical analyst Brendon J. Veihart believes that Tehran might still cause great damage to America through unconventional warfare.

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He wrote in an article for the "American Spectator" in May that although Iran has no sophisticated arsenal to directly threaten America, it has an electromagnetic weapon that could cause a serious blow to the US military.

Electromagnetic weapons could "disable the technology of US invasive forces before they damage Iranians," he says.

Veihart also says Iran could launch a series of cyber attacks on US civilian networks. And what is particularly worrying about the US is the possibility of terrorist attacks.

– Iran would probably activate its global link to terrorist branches and order them to attack civilian targets in the United States, Europe, Israel and Sunni Arab countries.

Donald Tramp Photo: Jim Lo Scalzo / EPA;
Donald Tramp

These well-trained, well-funded and heavily tracked groups can activate dirty bombs in US cities – he says.

As he pointed out, if the US wanted to invade Iran in an attempt to change its regime, it could not have been easy to do as it did in Saddam Hussein's destruction.

– Iran is a much more functional society than it was in 2003. Iran is leading an Islamist regime that has embedded in its people a harmful blend of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism … Even if most Iranians are ambivalent about the fanatic religious and political views of their regime, the fact remains that a few Iranians greet the Americans as liberators – writes Veihart.

Ajatolah Ali Hamnei Photo: Public domain / Wikipedia
Ajatolah Ali Hamnei

He says that the attempted war with the goal of changing the regime would end with the huge losses of the US military and the economy.

In addition, there is a danger that Iran will make nuclear weapons. In May, exactly one year after Tramp withdrew the United States from the deal, Iranian President Hasan Rohani announced a series of moves that would bring the country closer to acquiring capabilities to produce nuclear weapons.

However, Tramp, either alone, in concert with associates, gave up the attack, for now. As Iranian officials said, he sent them a warning that the US will attack them and call for an interview. However, Iran's top leader Ayatollah Ali Hamnei has repeatedly said that there will be no negotiations with the United States. How will the situation develop further remains to be seen.

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