UNCURRABLE INCIDENT IN ZAGREB Travelers could not get out of the plane almost SAT TIME after landing at the airport

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Passengers on the "Crooked Airlines" (CA) plane spent almost an hour on a plane on the runway of the Zagreb airport before the aircraft door opened.

– We landed late at the Zagreb airport because there was a storm, we had to take off at 21.15 (from Munich) and land at 22.25, but we flew from 20 to 25 minutes late, so we were late in coming, – he said for the portal Index.hr one of the passengers.

– In fact, we did not even get late, maybe twenty minutes. When we arrived, the pilot told us that the working hours of the airport ended at 22.30, I think, and we landed a little after that, and that we will have to wait until somebody is in charge of accepting passengers. And that we can not get out of the aircraft for security reasons – said the interlocutor of the Croatian portal.

On the event that happened to passengers traveling from Munich to Zagreb on Sunday night, the portal asked "Crown Airlines" and Franjo Tudjman Airport.

An answer from Crooked Airlines arrived, and they explicitly explained from the airport that they were standing behind the written one.

"Due to the temporary suspension of the services of the acceptance and departure of the airplane of the Franjo Tudjman Airways in the late evening of June 16 this year, there was a delay in the disembarkation of the passengers of Kroejša Airlines after the landing of the Frankfurt and Munich airplanes, and the delay in boarding passengers on departure flights from Zagreb to Skopje, Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar and Pula. The company apologized to all passengers on the flights due to unplanned travel disruption, although the reasons for the disruption could not have been affected, "they answered from CA.

What is causing the "temporary suspension of airline acceptance and dispatch services" and "unplanned disruptions" is not explained, according to Index.hr.

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