TIRANA INVESTIGATION More than 1,700 police officers went out on the streets because of protests by the opposition, and the "ŠKIPONJA" unit was hired

Albania Tirana protest, photo Tanjug AP Photo: Tanjug / AP

Due to security at the evening protest of the united Albanian opposition, at least 1,700 Albanian police officers will be deployed to be deployed around the building of the Albanian government and parliament, the portal a1on reports. Opposition Democratic Party leader Ljuljzim Basha gave guarantees that tonight's "national protest" will be peaceful.

"During the protest tonight there will not be any act of violence. We took all necessary measures so that we can not allow the infiltration of provocateurs," Basha said, inviting citizens to attend the protest with their families.

Photo: Tanjug / AP

The members of the special unit "Skiponja" will be hired, as well as members of the traffic police and unconfirmed persons from other sectors of the Albanian MUP. Members of the Rapid Intervention Unit and the National Guard will be on standby.

In the event of attempts to enter the institutions and endanger the lives of police officers, tear gas and water cannons will be used. Emergency vehicles and firefighters will also be deployed.

Tirana will be limited to moving in the wider area, as well as the entry of buses that transport citizens from the interior.

The embassy of the United States, Great Britain and other EU countries, including the OSCE Mission to Tirana, sent invitations to non-violence.

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