PUTIN WARNS TO AMERICA Military action against Iran would be catastrophe with unforeseen consequences

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the United States not to take military action against Iran, following the recent crash of an American drone and an attack on the oil tanker near the Ormus Gate. Putin said that only a few hours before US President Donald Tramp ordered the attack last night, which he revoked at the last moment.

Yesterday, in a "direct TV line" with citizens, Putin said that US military action against Iran – which Washington blamed for both incidents – would be "disastrous" and would cause an escalation of hostilities with unpredictable results. "NBC News" suggests that such conversations, such as "direct lines", usually last for hours and are very censored. The Russian president said that the potential US-Iranian war scenario, which he hopes will not be seen.

The scenario that Putin hopes not to see - the military conflict between the United States and Iran Photo: JALIL REZAYEE, ABEDIN TAHERKENAREH / EPA;
The scenario that Putin hopes not to see – the military conflict between the United States and Iran

– This would be, at the very least, a disaster for the region, as this would lead to an increase in violence and a potential increase in the number of refugees in the region. Also, for those who would try it, it would probably have sad consequences – Putin said.

He pointed out that Iran is ready to "go to extremes" to defend itself and it is difficult to say how it would lead. Putin also said he was pleased that Iran respects its nuclear agreement and that the application of sanctions against that country is not justified. US President Donald Tramp's administration has withdrawn from an international nuclear deal with Iran last year and imposed sanctions again on that country.

Photo: alexey nikolsky / EPA;

The Russian president made his comments only a few days after the Tramp administration announced it would send 1,000 more troops to the Middle East. The Pentagon said that this deployment would include security forces and troops to further monitor and collect intelligence in the region. The collapse of the US drone on Thursday is the latest Iran's provocation in the region, following controversial attacks on two oil tankers in the Oman Bay last week, for which the United States blames Iran, while this West Asian country claims that the drone was above their airspace when it was downed.

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Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Musawi said Iran can not accept "an illegal passage and an attack on the Iranian sky of any foreign flying object", RT reported. But US officials say the incident occurred in an international airspace. Both countries claim they do not want a war, but there is concern that further tensions would escalate into a military conflict.

And the tensions between the US and Russia are increasing, after the latest incident when a Russian destroyer almost collided with an American warship in the Philippines at the beginning of this month, and there is a military conflict in eastern Ukraine, an annex to Crimea, allegedly blending in the 2016 American elections. and the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain last year, for which the West blames Moscow. Putin also commented on the possibility of improving relations with the United States. He said that Russia is ready for dialogue if the Americans agree on reciprocity, but he pointed out that the reality of American politics can tie hands on Tramp when it comes to Russia.

Photo: alexey nikolsky / EPA;

"Even if the president wants to take a step towards us, he talks about something, there are multiple restrictions coming from other institutions of power," Putin said.

– I think things will not be easy in our relations, as part of the US establishment is trying to speculate about Russian-American relations to realize some of its interests.

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