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US President Donald Tramp loses interest in Venezuela after an unsuccessful attempt to depose the president of that country, Nicolas Maduro, according to sources in the Washington Post.

The Venezuelan opposition, backed by the United States, failed to withdraw Madura in April, as government and military officials had pledged to change the party and instead stand next to the president. An unnamed ex-administration official said Tramp looked at the prospect of the US withdrawal of Madura as "easy to win" at a time when other political initiatives were stalled.

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-Tramp has always looked at Venice as a low-tree fruit tree, where it could win and declare it as a great foreign-political victory – said the source, the Business Insider reported.

"Five or six months later … it does not happen," he added.

Current and former officials said Tramp "chewed" national security adviser John Bolton and Latin American politician Maurice Claver Karone, as they were also played by Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Gvaido and Maduro officials who said they supported the overthrow of the president.

Everyone turned away from him - Juan Gvaido Photo: miguel gutierrez / EPA;
Everyone turned away from him – Juan Gvaido

When Gvaido declared in January the provisional president of Venezuela and asked the army to turn against Madura, the United States rushed to announce its support, imposed sanctions, and pressed allies to recognize Gvaida as a leader. The Pentagon even refused to disconnect the use of military force to overthrow Madura, which could have led to the incursion of the US into a conflict similar to that in Iraq and Afghanistan.

However, the whole situation flaunted that the best on Tramp's "Twitter" – the president last mentioned Venezuela on June 4, when he said that the Russian forces were withdrawing from that country. Russia originated that it discussed with Tramp on withdrawal.

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