DAY AFTER VIOLENT PROTESTS Georgian Parliament Speaker resigns

Irakil Kobakidze Photo: Profimedia

Georgian Parliament Speaker Irakil Kobakidze resigned today, the day after violent protests over the parliament building, the Georgian Dream of Kha Kaladze said.

More than 200 people were injured in last night's protests in Tbilisi when police used tear gas and rubber bullets, Georgian Health Minister Zaza Bokua said, adding that half of the injured were still in hospital. His statement was issued shortly after President Salomura Zurabishvili said she would shorten her visit to Belarus and return to Tbilisi because of the crisis that broke out as a result of the arrival of a Russian deputy in the Georgian parliament.

The mass of people provoked by the visit of a Russian deputy tried to intrude into the parliament of Georgia in Tbilisi last night, breaking the police cordon and throwing bottles, to which the police responded with tear gas. The riots broke out suddenly after the speech of the deputies of the Lower House of the Russian Parliament.

Russia's influence in Georgia remains a politically sensitive issue, reiterates Reuters, recalling that this country, the US ally, led and lost a short-lived war with Moscow in 2008. Russia and Georgia have no diplomatic relations since then, while Moscow recognizes the independence of two secluded regions, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, where Russian troops are now stationed.

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