China sent combat aircraft to the controversial island of Vudi

cinema aircraft Photo: Profimedia

China sent at least four J-10 fighter jets to the controversial Voodoo island of the South China Sea, CNN reports, stating that it was the first deployment of fighters on that island since 2017.

Analysts say the satellite footage CNN posted on its site shows four J-10 fighters parked in the open air. "The Chinese authorities wanted the planes to be spotted because they would otherwise park them in the hangar," former Air Force officer Peter Lytton told CNN.

Former US intelligence officer Karl Schuster believes that the planes are sent to the disputed island to show that China is its territory and that it can deploy military planes there whenever it wants. "They also want to show that they can expand their air forces through the South China Sea when they have to, or when they want to," Shuster said, adding that the J-10 combat aircraft had a 740-kilometer battle range, so they could reach the greater part of the South the Chinese sea and the main port country.

The island of Wadi, also known as Jongsing, is the largest of the Pertoc Island disputed by China, Vietnam and the Chinese territory of Taiwan, and China occupied that archipelago in 1974.

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