Montenegro: Serbs under pressure not to play against Kosovo

PODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) — Ethnic Serbs on Montenegro’s national team are under pressure to boycott a European Championship qualifier against Kosovo.


Montenegro’s state TV said that coach Ljubisa Tumbakovic and players Marko Ivanic and Filip Stojkovic won’t take part in Friday’s match in Podgorica, but that three other ethnic Serb players will be with the team.

State-controlled media in neighboring Serbia has launched a campaign against Serbs playing in games with Kosovo, which declared its independence from the country in 2008. Serbia does not recognize Kosovo’s statehood.

The match will be played without fans because of a ban imposed after England players were racially abused in the Montenegrin capital during the previous qualification round.

Montenegro split from much larger Serbia in 2006.

Source: FOX Sport

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