Trump adviser compared ‘demonisation’ of CO2 to Holocaust

A senior adviser to Donald Trump once compared the “demonisation” of carbon dioxide to the treatment of Jews in the Holocaust.

William Happer leads the Trump administration’s efforts to overturn air pollution restrictions and other factors that contribute to global warming.

The Princeton-educated physicist sits as a deputy assistant for emerging technologies on the National Security Council.

Mr Happer made the comments about carbon dioxide, a gas widely recognised by scientists as causing global warming, to the US news channel CNBC in 2014.

He said: “The demonisation of carbon dioxide is just like the demonisation of the poor Jews under Hitler.

“Carbon dioxide is actually a benefit to the world and so were the Jews.”

His remarks have resurfaced after the New York Times reported that Mr Happer is proposing a new “climate review panel” within the Trump administration.

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The panel would reportedly follow other White House efforts to overturn measures designed to tackle global warming.

Mr Happer’s proposal is backed by Mr Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton.

Donald Trump is known to be sceptical about climate change
Image: Mr Trump is known to be sceptical about climate change

He is also said to have the support of Robert Mercer, a billionaire who funds efforts to disprove climate science.

The panel’s creation comes after Mr Trump pulled the US out of the Paris climate accord.

Several White House officials, including the president’s chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow, have urged Mr Trump not to adopt Mr Happer’s proposal.

Mr Kudlow said it would be perceived as a White House attack on science.

Mr Trump’s former White House strategist Steve Bannon is also said to be against Mr Happer’s proposal.

He said: “The very idea will start a holy war on cable before 2020.

“Better to win now and introduce the study in the second inaugural address.”

Source: SKY NEWS

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