For Sale: Laptop infected with world’s most dangerous malware

A laptop infected with six of the most dangerous viruses and malware that have caused around $95bn (£74bn) of damage has been put up for auction.

The Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-inch blue netbook has been isolated and is incapable of connecting to the internet to prevent its contents getting out.

The current highest bid at the New York-based anonymous auction – which is being billed as a piece of art – is $1,130,500 (£900,000).

Entitled The Persistence of Chaos, the terms of sale state: “The sale of malware for operational purposes is illegal in the United States.

“As a buyer you recognise that this work represents a potential security hazard.

“By submitting a bid you agree and acknowledge that you’re purchasing this work as a piece of art or for academic reasons, and have no intention of disseminating any malware.

Among the pieces of malware loaded onto the machine is the WannaCry virus that tore through Europe in May 2017 and badly affected the NHS.

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It is also infected with the ILOVEYOU virus, MyDoom, SoBig, DarkTequila and BlackEnergy.

The concept is a collaboration between contemporary internet artist Guo O Dong and cybersecurity company Deep Instinct.

Source: SKY NEWS

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