Will Smith: Some of my other films are ‘less than spectacular’

Will Smith has described some of his previous films as “less than spectacular”.

The actor, who starred in Hitch, I, Robot, Independence Day and Men In Black, was speaking to reporters ahead of the London premiere of Aladdin.

Smith, 50, plays the Genie in Guy Ritchie’s new imagining of the 1992 animated classic.

He said: “It’s so nice to be doing this with a good movie.

“I’ve been in front of most of you with less than spectacular films and the first question [I’m asked] is: ‘So… how are Jada [Pinkett Smith] and the kids?'”

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air - 1990-1996 Alfonso Ribeiro, Will Smith, Daphne Reid
Image: Will Smith rose to prominence while starring in the 90s comedy The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Speaking about combining so many of his skills for the role, he said: “That was spectacular, the singing, dancing, drama, comedy, action, adventure, [it] is everything I’ve cultivated as a performer for the last 30 years, so to be able to do it in one film is great.”

The premiere comes three months after he launched an online video series called Will Smith’s Bucket List, which he said was an attempt to escape fear and find “the freedom to do all of the things that I had put in my mind that I couldn’t do”.

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He told the Graham Norton Show: “I’d turned 50 and I’d created this wonderful life and this wonderful career, but I felt trapped by being Will Smith – I have kids so I can’t do that, or I’m famous so I can’t say that, or people look at me so I can’t behave like that.

“So part of the bucket list was to give myself the freedom to do all of the things that I had put in my mind that I couldn’t do.

“I’m now being adventurous, and I’ve always wanted to be that.”

Aladdin is released in UK cinemas on 22 May.

Source: SKY NEWS

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