US-China trade war: Tensions rise as Trump increases tariffs

Donald Trump’s increased tariffs on $200bn (£153bn) in Chinese imports has taken effect – heightening tensions with Beijing.

The tariff hike came despite American and Chinese negotiators meeting for last-ditch talks in Washington on Thursday.

Import taxes on products from 5,700 categories rose from 10% to 25% at 12.01am US time (5.01am UK time).

Internet modems, furniture, lighting products, car parts, vacuum cleaners and building materials are all affected.

Some business leaders have warned that the escalation in the US-China trade war will hit consumers and small companies the hardest.

Gary Shapiro, chief executive of the Consumer Technology Association, said: “Our industry supports more than 18 million US jobs but raising tariffs will be disastrous.

“The tariffs already in place have cost the American technology sector about $1bn (£770m) more a month since October. That can be life and death for small businesses and start-ups that can’t absorb the added costs.”

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Economists say it could take three or four months before American shoppers begin to feel the pinch.

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Source: SKY NEWS

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