Trump basks in highest approval rating of his presidency

For a reality TV star turned president, ratings were always going to be important.

But throughout his two-and-half year presidency, Donald Trump has had little to brag about – unlike some of his predecessors.

George H W peaked at 89% – pipped by his son, Bush Jr who reached a dizzying 90% – approval ratings that Donald Trump would give his right arm for.

The current president has, however, just reached a personal high of 46%. A healthy figure compared to his lowest rating of 35% in 2017.

The now published Mueller report examines ‘10 episodes’ of potential obstruction by president Trump.
Donald Trump claims he has been entirely absolved by Robert Mueller’s report

Trump would likely put this peak down to a post-Mueller “total exoneration” glow. The special counsel investigation concluded no criminal conspiracy and gave no recommendation on obstruction of justice.

The release of the full report with some redactions has sparked debate but the initial spin from the White House came loud and clear: Trump is vindicated.

Mr Barr said the Trump campaign did not assist the Russian interference
Image: Attorney general William Barr said the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia in the election

That messaging may have had the desired effect particularly and perhaps surprisingly among Democrats, among whom his previous 4% rating has gone up to around 12.

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The economy is the real boon for Trump.

Already strong numbers were buoyed by first quarter economic growth of 3.2% – which was unexpectedly high.

But those who disapprove still outnumber those who don’t – that rating is at 50%.

Whatever Trump’s legacy becomes – mass popularity won’t be part of it.

Source: SKY NEWS

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