US police officer convicted of murdering unarmed woman

A US police officer has been convicted of murdering an unarmed Australian woman who was shot dead outside her home.

Mohamed Noor fired at Justine Ruszczyk Damond after she called to report a possible sexual assault behind her house in Minnesota in July 2017.

Ms Damond, a 40-year-old life coach who was originally from Sydney, was dressed in pyjamas at the time of the incident and had approached the driver’s door of Noor’s police car.

Minneapolis officer Mohamed Noor. Pic: AFP / Hennepin County Sheriff's Office
Image: Mohamed Noor has been convicted of murder. Pic: AFP / Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office

Following a trial, Noor was found guilty of third-degree murder and manslaughter, but he was not convicted of the most serious charge of intentional second-degree murder.

He showed no emotion as the verdict was read out, while his wife broke down in tears.

Noor told the court that that a loud bang on his police squad car scared his police partner and that he saw a woman raising her arm appear at the window.

He said he fired his gun to protect the life of his colleague, Matthew Harrity.

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However prosecutors criticised Noor for shooting without seeing a weapon or Ms Damond’s hands.

They also questioned whether the loud bang was real as neither Noor nor Mr Harrity mentioned it to investigators at the scene.

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Source: SKY NEWS

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