Two dead in US university campus shooting

Two people have been shot dead and another four wounded in a shooting on a University of North Carolina (UCN) campus.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department have said one person in now in custody and no one else is thought to have been involved.

UNC Charlotte had issued a campus lockdown on Tuesday afternoon after reports of shots being fired.

“Shots reported near kennedy. Run, Hide, Fight. Secure yourself immediately,” the university tweeted in an alert, referring to the school’s Kennedy building on campus.

Emergency services reported two people dead at the scene, two others with life-threatening injuries and two more less seriously hurt.

Student Sam Rice said he was in the library when he heard someone shouting “shooter, shooter” and that police were yelling for people to stay down and say on the floor.

Campus Police Chief Jeff Baker said authorities received a call around 4:40 pm that a suspect armed with a pistol had shot several students.

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He said officers assembling nearby for a concert rushed to the scene, where they caught the male suspect. Authorities did not immediately release the suspect’s identity.

“Our officers’ actions definitely saved lives,” he said.

Professor Monfia Drayton was walking onto campus when she heard the shots.

“I heard one final gunshot and I saw all the children running toward me,” she said. “We started to get all the children pulled into the second floor of the parking deck and the rationale was if we’re in the parking deck and there’s a shooter and we don’t know where he is, he won’t have a clear shot.”

She added: “My thought was, I’ve lived my life, I’ve had a really good life, so, these students deserve the same. And so, whatever I could do to help any child to safety, that’s what I was going to do.”

The University of North Carolina Charlotte campus has more than 26,500 students and 3,000 staff and is located north east of the city centre in a largely residential area.

Source: SKY NEWS

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