Woman filmed dumping newborn puppies in wheelie bin

A woman who allegedly dumped a bag of puppies in a wheelie bin has been arrested.

Video shows a woman stepping out of a white 4×4 car before putting a plastic bag in a bin in Coachella, California.

A man walking past the bin heard the cries of the puppies.

He left the puppies at the front of a car parts store and walked away before a customer looked into the bag and alerted staff.

Police have also now discovered dozens of dogs living in her home
Image: The puppies are now recovering at an animal rescue centre

Seven terrier mixes puppies were found in the bag and it is believed they were only a few days old.

The woman, 54, could face seven counts of animal cruelty and jailed for a maximum of six years if found guilty.

Animal rescue officers who went to her home say they found 38 more dogs who were not in a good condition.

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The Riverside County Animal Services said: “If not for the Good Samaritan’s actions, the puppies may not have survived much longer.

The dogs are now being cared for at an animal home
Image: The dogs were just a few days old

“The mid-day temperatures in Coachella on Thursday were in the mid-90s range.”

Commander Chris Mayer said a case is being built against the woman and added: “There is no excuse for dumping puppies.

“Especially in today’s age when we or other shelters would be willing to get these animals to foster parents or rescue partners. This was a shameful act.”

The puppies were sent to an Orange County shelter where they are now recovering.

Source: SKY NEWS

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