Cycling slasher hunted after four people targeted in LA

Police in Los Angeles are hunting a cyclist who rides up to people before slashing their faces.

The man has struck four times since last month, leaving his victims with severe injuries, officers said.

Two people were attacked in the city’s south on Monday morning – one had been standing at a bus stop and the other had been walking on the pavement about a mile away.

The first victim, a man, suffered an “edged-weapon wound” to the left side of his face. The second, a woman, was left with a severe injury to the left side of her face and ear.

Both were taken to hospital but are expected to survive.

Police in Los Angeles are hunting a slasher cyclist. Pic: LAPD
Image: Victims have been left with severe injuries. Pic: LAPD

Police are linking the attacks to two others in recent weeks – one on 20 March and another on 27 March.

In both incidents, a man rode past people and slashed at their faces with an “edged weapon”, causing severe injuries.

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Stefany Coboz, a young mother from Wilmington, was left with a deep gash on her neck.

She told NBC that after the suspect attacked her he had cycled away laughing.

“He just came in back of me and hit me,” Coboz said.

“I just started looking at him, he looked back, I grabbed myself full of blood.”

Police in Los Angeles are hunting a slasher cyclist. Pic: LAPD
Image: The cyclist is described as Hispanic and wearing dark clothing. Pic: LAPD

Some US media have reported there were up to eight cases being investigated.

The suspect was described as Hispanic, aged between 18 and 30, with short hair and wearing a dark T-shirt and dark trousers.

He was last seen riding a black and green mountain bike.

Source: SKY NEWS

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